Easy 7$ download earning process

Document download earning process. Earn money from online is no a hard thing. But you have to know the right way. Do you know you can easily earn 7$ per download by uploading files on file-upload.org?  Lets earn 7$ download earning process.

Yes, it’s true. After reading this post you will learn how you can earn money by downloading documents. It’s a easy process and a smart way to earn money. Just follow the simple steps are given below and earn.

Now lets start the download earning process:

For we need 2 thigs :

  1. fil-upload.org account
  2. Google docs to create files
  3. YouTube summary with chatgpt Chrome extension to generate document

Step-1: Creating Account on file-upload.org:

First go to the file-upload.org and click on sing up button. download earning

Simply fill up the form and create a  free account. It’s a free sing up process so you don’t have to pay any money for this. And the best part is the website provide you 10 GB for store each file you upload. So, no matter how big is you file you don’t have to worry about space.

This site is paying :

  1. 7$ for United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada traffic
  2.  3$ for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  3.  3$ for other countries

Once you sing up, check your mail and verify your account.

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Step-2: Generating the file or content:

Now open chrome browser and Go to google and find the ” YouTube summary with chatgpt Chrome extension” and add that extension on Chrome.

Now go to youtube.com and simply search a long video. Remember you have to take a long video because long video has full of information.

Copy the video link. Now come back to the extension and paste the URL and clink on summary section.

Chat GPT will analyze the video and give you the summary and main points of that video. Or, you can use any tool for generate summary.

So now you have the summary and main point for our document.

Step-3: Downgliding the thumbnail:

Now, go to Google and find YouTube thumbnail downloader and download the thumbnail. You also can create more eye catchy image with canva.com

Step-4: Creating the Document:

So, We have thumbnail, summary, account and the next step is creating the document for download earning.

First, open a blank docs file and on the file give the topic name. Generate you own title or copy paste the video title. Bring that title to the center of the page.

Second, Insert the thumbnail right under the title and bring that title to the center of the page.

Third, Copy the summary and paste on the page and bring that title to the center of the page.

Forth, Copy and paste the  video URL and bring that title to the center of the page.

So, Our document is ready. Now  give a name of the file and save it into PDF format. Now the document is ready to upload.

Step-5: Uploading the document and get traffic for download earning:

Now come to file-upload.org, sing in and upload the PDF document the created earlier. After uploading the document the site will give us the url for that document for share. You have to share that link to your traffic.

Now, Facebook, Redit, Quora, Medium has plant for traffic. Just put that link in front of them. They will click the link and download the PDF and you will be paid per download.

Payment Proof of file-upload.org:

This site will pay a lot. Here is some payment proof

Payment Methods:

This site supports many payment methods to pay you like, Bitcoin, paypal, Payoneer, Mastercard, Webmoney, Perfect money etc. This site is trusted and always pay to their clients.


So, If you are a student or want to earn extra money from online. Just follow the given method above and earn a lot of money. This is the easy and simple way to earn money for file-upload.org.

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