How I make money online 4k $ by selling old notes?

If you are a student and if you want to make money online, this is the best site for you. We know money is necessary for all. As a student we have to take money from our parents. But what if we earn our own money from online by using or selling own notes.

As a student we all have notes, home works, sheets etc. After working on them generally throw them away. But we maximum people don’t know that we are throwing out a great asset. So, stop throwing your notes, documents, sheets. Just sell them and make money online. The best part is you can do this work with your Mobile device as well as your computer.

How make money online with old notes?

It’s a step by step process. So read the whole post and you will find your answer.

Step-1: account creation:

First go to Studypool is a website where can people and students can sell there old notes, sheets, documents. This website is mostly make for students. student can get there required notes, documents. You are the person giving then the notes. So, go to the given link and signup.

make money online

It’s very easy to signup. Just put your Email address, Username, Password and click on create account. After clicking the button check on terms and condition box. Now Studypool will send a verification mail. Just go to your mail and verify your account. Now your Account is ready for work.

Step-2: Selling the document and make money online:

Once your account is created clink on sell documents. Now lets talk about earnings. For selling your old notes you have to take images of notes or rewrite them as a word document. Don’t forget to pick up a niche. You can pick any niche that you have notes and expertise. You can select your niche by clicking on All subjects. Make sure that you have to arrange them (sort by page No.). Once you create you notes or documents ready just upload on Studypool. You can also upload your file in zip file.

Studypool will take some time for review your documents. If you your document have any issue they will reject it and will tell you the reason, otherwise your documents get approved. Once your documents get approved you can earn a limitless money. Make money online depends on your documents. How much valuable for the students.

Step-3: Get payment:

Once you stating earning you can get your payment via Debit or Credit card, and other virtual payment methods. By adding your payment system you can easily get your payments for studypool.


The earning opportunities from Studypool is limitless. If your content or documents have the abilities to give benefits to the students and well organized, student will grab your documents and will will get money. The best part is you can do this work with your Mobile device as well as your computer. Studypool says, “Earn up to $5,000 USD a month. We share your docs with 10’s of millions of students. You get up to $10 every time a student views one.” So, It’s a great opportunity for everyone. It’s also a passive income for student. So, don’t throw your notes as a trash. Sell the and make money online.



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